about matt s. smith

My name is Matt and welcome to my blog. I’ve kept this blog off-and-on since the late 1990s when President Bill Clinton was still in office. Since becoming a husband and a father, I don’t have as much time to keep up my blog. But if you can find something here that is interesting or makes your day better, then that makes me happy.

Some people may have seen a couple of MTV reality shows that I was on called The Real World New Orleans (2000) and the Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet (2003). That was a fun chapter of my life, and I’m very blessed to have been on those shows. However, today, what’s most important to me is my family.  Fame is fun, but fame alone can add very little to your life.

Do I update this blog? It’s hard to find the time, but I keep a technology / design / business blog not over on my company website: http://smithHOUSE.co