This morning I went to a car show with James from accounting. I first got into office humor when I was a senior in college with the movie “Office Space.” We watched that at our house almost every day for a semester. I remember in the movie some characters would refer to each other by the first name and their department. So I make myself laugh so hard when I don’t call my friend “James,” but “James from Accounting.”

On the retreat earlier in the week I talked with James for a while about cars and fist fights. Although he’s a well-groomed athletic guy in his 40s, you would never have guessed he averaged one fist-fight per month from fifth grade all the way until he graduated. He has scares like you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t have scare stories nearly as cool as his. His enemy stabbed him with a screw driver; I fell on cut my eyebrow on a rock when I was seven. I guess that what happens when you are raised in a rough part of town.

So anyway James and I decided to meet up at a car show this morning in downtown Chandler. It’s always the high-dollar hot rods that make a show the most memorable for me. I talked to one guy who had a Foose-designed ’32 Ford. I asked the owner how he could afford to higher Chip Foose, and he told me he knew his dad–legendary Sam Foose–and Chip designed his car while he was still in college. How cool is that?

There were also two Boyd Coddington cars that I saw at Barrett-Jackson two years ago: Chezoom and Whatthehey. Together, they were purchased at the auction for about $750,000. I was surprised they didn’t have the cars roped off. I mean, these two cars are worth more than the rest of the cars at the show put together.

I bought a magazine as a kid and Chezoom was on the cover. I held onto that magazine until the the pages wore thin and broke from the staples. The silhouette of that highly custom ’57 Chevy is etched in my memory. Just to see it in real life is like meeting a sports idol.

I spoke to the guy standing by the cars, and he explained that the owner is putting together a local car museum from his collection. After talking to this guy, I come to find out that many of the cars I’ve lusted after at Barrett-Jackson were purchased by this local guy and are going in his museum. For a car guy, there is nothing cooler than having a museum like that close to within a few miles of your own garage.

James and I had lunch at a legendary Mexican place and talked about working for Life Teen. He and I both enjoy working, knowing that what we do is helping people. But at the same time, we agree that many things need to change in order for Life Teen to continue to be a strong organization. It was a difficult conversation to have, but I know we both needed it.


I heard there was another car show in Tempe, so after lunch I drove over to see what they had going on. It wasn’t as good of a show, so I stepped into a modern furniture store close by. I used to spend every free Saturday looking for modern furniture when I first moved to Phoenix back in 2001. I guess I was excited to have an apartment bigger than my shoe box in New York City, and I could finally have a pimped-out place. This store had well-made furniture at reasonable prices. I mean, it’s easy to make cheap contemporary furniture charge a lot so people will believe it’s quality stuff. I’ve seen it a thousand times. I don’t need any furniture now, but when the time comes, I’ll definitely go back to that store.;

Of course no Saturday is complete without me driving through a new neighborhood. I’m obsessive. This afternoon was fun because I revisited a neighborhood in Tempe I first discovered a few years ago. Most of the valley is flat, but these neighborhood is hilly and centered around lakes. It’s all man-made geography, but that doesn’t bother me. Because you drive around this place and you feel like you are at the beach. Three-story houses are built on the “cliffs” that surround the water. It was a lot of fun.

I finished my leisurely Saturday by taking Candyce to Ennie’s cookout. Ennie’s parents are in town from Texas, and we had a Texas-style cookout. There was a good group of people there, and we had a great time eating, laughing, and visiting. We played a DVD game about movies that turned out to be a lot of fun.

Today was just a good day. The older I get, I become more comfortable with just ENJOYING my days, rather than trying to accomplish things. I tell myself all the time now: it’s okay to have fun.