I made a decision late last year to move to a new house. My house how is fun because it’s close to friends and church, but I’m ready to upgrade to a cool location in a more well-groomed, family-centered community.

I realize that most of my tasks I give myself involve cleaning up different parts of my life. Like right now, I’m upgrading to a new look for supafly.com that is more user friendly and cleaner. I just finished a five-weekend project of painting my garage, putting in new shelves, and installing cabinets and a workbench. Why? I wanted it clean. The “happy place” in my head that I always visit is basically having a clean house, clean websites, and a clean conscience. I like it clean.

That’s why my next house will be in a neighborhood that is already clean, or at least cleaning up fast. And my neighborhood is getting better. Right now there are six or eight houses close to mine that are getting remodeled, repainted, or new landscaping. That’s nice, but there are many neighbors who aren’t pitching in.

My pursuit of Clean has lead me to the decision to buy the the least-expensive house in an expensive area. Although my next house will be smaller and cost more money than my house now, it is still a logical decision. I learned in a finance class that the house is a great tax shelter. If you live in a house for over two years, you aren’t taxed on any profit you make when you sell the house. But if you buy and sell stocks, you pay hefty taxes on your profits. So a big leap now can help me make more money in the end.

I’ve identified the area that I’ll be buying. This is the area that I explored while riding Candyce’s bike throughout November and December. It’s just a lot of nice neighborhoods where you can tell the owners take pride in their houses. The area starts on the east side of south Tempe near Circle G Ranches. Homes in Circle G range from $900,000 to over $4,000,000. If you go west from there for five miles to the edge of Tempe, homes stick in that price range. There are a handful of smaller homes that I are in my price range, and there are three for sale right now. I would love to move in tomorrow, but it’s not the right time yet.

The biggest reason why I want to move to a new house is I want a chance to use all of my talent. My favorite thing to do when I get home is to work on my house, and I want a house where it’s financial responsible to do creative projects like crown molding, luxury bathrooms, creative outdoor living spaces, and detailed tile and woodwork. I am capable of doing artistic things to a house that most people would pay a lot of money to hire someone else to do. I know that if I go wild with upgrades on my house now, I could potentially price myself out of the neighborhood. I love doing home improvement projects because it’s a fun and safe way for me to spend money. I’m ready to have freedom to have more fun.