This afternoon Candyce and I rode bikes in South Tempe. There were a few open houses, and we had a lot of fun walking around other people’s castles. We stumbled onto a neighborhood that I never looked at before. I don’t like how it’s basically six unique homes repeated hundreds of times. They are pretty, but they are all the same.

The house was charming from the curb. We walked through a cute courtyard to get the front door. But once we stepped inside, I was blown away by the open floor plan. I felt like I could play full-court basketball in every room. It just felt awesome. So basically that house has changed my mind about which neighborhoods I will be shopping in.

Mike Sweeney was at Mass tonight. They was a camera recording him and the congregation all through Mass. I spoke to a guy after Mass that explained that they were producing a show about the lives of Christian athletes. The guy also runs, which is one of the bigger Catholic websites. It was fun to meet another creative mind behind a Catholic website. There aren’t many of us.

Candyce is having a real difficult time this semester. Over a dinner of BBQ, she explained how frustrated she was with her graphic design assignment, and her degree as a whole. Her professors are outrageously demanding. They never say anything nice about the students or their work. You can never do enough. It’s fostered a competitive and hostile environment where every student is an island. Since Candyce is already doubting that she wants to be a graphic designer, this atmosphere makes it even more difficult to go to class every day.