So this is going to be an awkward journal for me to read in the future. As of the time that I write this, is down so I can upload the new website. The code is all there, and it’s just a matter of adding journals to the database. As of late last night, I’ve added all journal entries from 1999 when I began to September 11, 2001.

It’s quite an experience to read through the journals as I add them to the site. It’s like taking a road trip back in time. It’s like Back to the Future or something. I re-live situations I thought had already passed. Then there are things that I read that I forgot even happened. Like I totally forgot that a youth minister from Philadelphia drove to my apartment in New York City and interviewed me in the living room of my apartment. Had I not read that, I never would have believed that it even happened.

Another fact I totally forgot: I’ve stood in the same room as Mel Gibson twice–once in the MTV studio in New York, and once at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles. So many people have asked me if I ever met Mel Gibson, and I always told them no. Which is true, but it would have been cool to tell them that I saw him twice. But what bothers me most is that he’s a hardcore Catholic and so am I, and it would’ve been cool to have a conversation with him. But the day he was on TRL, I was talking to Fred Durst and his bodyguard in the green room.