It’s been 2 weeks and 1 day since I got married. People ask me, “How is married life?” So far, these are what stand out to me:

  • Finally someone else turns off the lights. Like me, Candyce understands that you turn lights off when you leave a room. After all, energy isn’t cheap, and it’s terrible for the environment. This is why over the past 5 years, my daily routine is flipping off lights as treck back and forth through the house on any given day. This was not big deal in the old house because it was smaller, but my house now has a trillion light switches. I can honestly say I still don’t know what some of them do. But at least I got Candyce flipping switches on my team.
  • I spend less time on the phone. When Candyce and I were just dating, we would call one another and give updates about where we were and where we were going. The goal was to find a bracket of time when we could hang out. As the day went on and it became clear that there wasn’t going to be anytime, the conversations shifted to telling one another about our day because that was our hangout time. These calls were nice and all, but a human is not meant to talk on the phone. We were meant to talk to one another. Also, people don’t call me anymore for random, silly things. I might have to downgrade my cell phone plan, and I’m utterly thrilled.
  • I eat at home more. We both lived busy lives with her at school and me working and traveling, so most of the time the only time we spent together was during a meal. I mean, you have to eat, right? We’d meet for lunch sometimes, and almost always for dinner. Now that we finish our days together, it’s easier to eat at the house. This will end up being more healthy for both of us, and incidentally it’ll make my wallet happier. Paying two mortgages for 10 months makes you paranoid about spending more than you need to.
  • I’m officially out of the dating game. You don’t realize it until you are out of the game, but pretty much everything you do as a single person is drivin by the desire to get the right mate. Today I went to the mall to pick up my re-sized wedding band, and I was amused by all of the dating energy floating through the building. It was a mad house of men shopping for women shopping for men. I’m not apart of that anymore.
  • I see a new side of womanity. I like to make people laugh, and sometimes a waitress will think I’m flirting. If it has a place, I’ll bring up the fact I’m married. I never force it because that makes everyone feel weird. As soon as the girl finds out I’m not out to get them, it’s amazing how the conversation changes. It’s like I get to see a whole side of women I’ve never seen before: they aren’t threatened.
  • I’m not pleasing the world anymore. People don’t like to think that they live to impress others, because this was a daily habit for most of us in high school. And nobody wants to go there again. But you can’t deny the reality that our world of people, ideas, and trends influence us. And most of us want to become a part of that world of influence. Now that I’m married, I am able to shut that ambition down when I want relax in my house with Candyce. (I have to be honest here: this might change if I get bored after relaxing too much.)