I feel like I owe my friends and family an update on my life. Basically, the last eight weeks have been a whirlwind of challenges. I have three groups in my life who expect a lot from me: 1) Candyce and Norah 2) My team at work and 3) Professors and my team in class. There is no such thing as a lazy twenty minutes in my day. I need every waking moment to be purposeful or this whole thing unravels.

You like the idea of a challenge because it tugs on your ego’s desire to accomplish something you didn’t know you could. That’s why it is easy to get drawn into tales of others overcoming challenges. But make no mistake, when you are in the middle of a challenge, it sucks. I do keep an attitude of gratitude, but the reality is there is no romance in being pulled in three directions all day. I don’t feel like a hero or a champion. I feel tired.