It’s been an intense month-and-a-half so far in 2011. This is the kind of real-life grit that’s too hard to process as it comes your way.

  • Miscarriages. Close friends and family have had to deal with the painful reality that their unborn babies didn’t make it. I’ve been in constant prayer for these people. They’re in a lot of pain.
  • Weddings. I’ve been to three weddings so far this year. Each wedding was for a beautiful couple who belongs together. So much joy at those weddings! The Garcia wedding in Atlanta was fun because I got to see family and even attended the wedding with Dad. If it weren’t for these weddings, life would’ve felt very dreary.
  • Haiti. Dad spent time at an orphanage in Haiti last week with Mrs. Benzinger, a family friend. The US Embassy issued a warning to all American citizens in Haiti that there could be riots from political unrest. The warning was for a region along a road that Dad and Mrs. Benzinger would have to take to get back to the Port-au-Prince airport. Fortunately, they’re day of travel was peaceful. I prayed hard.
  • Early death. In the past year, three young people have died at our church. In the last month, a precious five year old girl named Stella died in the middle of the night. She seemed to only have flu symptoms.
  • Sickness. The Smith family has been sick: cough, congestion, vomiting, hives, fever. I missed most of my work last week. Then this past weekend I lost my voice and it hurt to breathe. Through it all I have to take care of my family too. Last night was the first night of good sleep that the four of us have had in two weeks.

Experiences like these really help redefine what it means to have a “great day.” I mean, if the people you love are safe and healthy, what more can you want?

And through all of this, I continue to work and go to school. My group wrote a Supply Chain paper and gave a presentation on Monday of last week. Then on Saturday I took a midterm under the daze of a fever. Last night we finished a final group project. Tomorrow night I have another final. In six days I have another. I’ll be done with B-school in 83 days.