So it’s beautiful spring morning and it’s Friday. Could life get better? What I love about this time of year is that is a lot of beautiful sunshine but still plenty of long shadows because the sun isn’t too high in the sky. This morning Candyce, Norah, and Stella went on a four mile run before nine o’clock. When you run at the start of your day, your muscles have a gentle tingle throughout the rest of the morning. It’s a fun sensation to remind you that you’re alive.

It’s been almost a month since I last updated my blog. I know from experience that it’s too difficult to write a good narrative, so I’ll just list out what’s on my mind. We’ll see what happens…

Final MBA Trimester

I am at the beginning of my final trimester of business school. I have a ticker on all of my computers (work, home, phone) that announces each day how many days I have until graduation. I never get tired of looking at this because it gets better every day. I know that logically there should be no surprise at the passing of time, but emotionally, it’s an absolute delight to watch that number deflate with each day that passes. Rejoice! At risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel that through every day of 2011 I’ve gotten a little of my soul back. I’m happier at home, work, and in class. It’s not that I dislike school–I really do enjoy it–but it’s always stressful to have too many obligations and too little time. It beats you down.

Staff Retreat

We had a great staff retreat at Covecrest back in Georgia. This year was different because we let staff members lead sessions. I could go on forever about why this was a good idea, but what stands out the most is that it gives everyone on the retreat diverse perspectives that keep the four days interesting.

It’s too much to talk about the spiritual experience of the retreat because those are private experiences that are hard to share cohesively on a public blog. But I will say this. I went on this retreat with every intention of jump-starting my soul. I engaged in every prayer and sacremental experience there. I spent hours in the chapel. I prayed non-stop for four days. This isn’t because I’m a superior spiritual athlete, but it’s because it’s what my soul needed. It was required no effort to sit in the chapel alone at midnight.

It was soul satisfying to spend quality time with Andrew, Paul, and Michelle. I rode with Dad to the Atlanta airport because he was making another trip to Haiti. He’s in Haiti so often now that I cannot even make sense of it all. He’s almost become part of the community there.

Candyce’s New Group

After a year of prayer and preparation, Candyce began her girls prayer group / Bible study at our home. She’s following the same curriculum that she’s experienced with her group at Stacey’s house for the past five years. (Wow, that was before we were even engaged.) Candyce has enjoyed life so much more since she was invited to join Stacey’s group.

One of my greatest sources of joy in my life right now is knowing that these 14 young women who enter my home twice a month will have a richer experience of life. They don’t know that yet, and that’s part of what makes it so much fun. My job in all of this is to help clean the house the day before the group and to take care of Norah and Stella when I am not in class. I love being behind the scenes.

What Didn’t Get Make It

Here are things that I wanted to write about but I’ve run out of time:

  • Why it’s hard to write a blog
  • Lent
  • My men’s group
  • Home prices
  • Current events
  • Cool MBA electives
  • Fresh Fridays at work
  • Why I want to redesign this website
  • Gas prices
  • Candyce’s blog stealing my blog’s material
  • The Newly Weds Supper Club
  • The joy of building community
  • The 2012 Chrysler 300
  • How much I love having an iPhone
  • The power of positive thinking

For the record, I drank two espressos during this blog.