So I graduated with a Master of Business Administration on Friday. It’s too early to say that I am relieved because I am still burdened by the fatigue from the final eight weeks of my degree. Every bit of this MBA thing has been difficult, but the last two months were particularly demanding. So I don’t quite feel “free” yet, but with each hour that passes I am reintroduced to the privilege of ordinary life.

One of the more subtle changes over the last two years is that I was given a new identity. I was introduced to new people, both classmates and professors. These people surrounded me for three days of each week. The newness of group wasn’t what made it so different, it was that all we had in common was the subject matters of business. These were not matters that I thrived in from the beginning. I was thrown into a pool of accounting and finance and I had to learn how to swim. Through each trimester, the classmate became friends, and the subject matter became more familiar and exciting.

So what’s next? I’ve accepted a position of VP Strategy & Communication at Life Teen. I’ve been in talks with our CEO since September of last year about the position. I’m excited to have the authority and resources to move our organization forward.

What I want out of this summer is to be with my family. It’s been a very difficult two years for all of us.