So basically our house was out of control with toys. So I got gangster on that corners of mountain of toys with a creative solution: a rolling toy cart. Take a look at my labor of love through the sunny weekends of April.

Why this is awesome:

  1. Half of toys are reachable, half are not. Why? Because sometimes kids get a little adventurous and go pillaging for a perfect toy, only to find nothing but the bottom of the toy box.
  2. The canvas bags are not see-through. That means that you can toss whatever you want into those soft buckets and you don’t have to look at the mess within. This is a huge deal for me b/c every gift the girls get now is actually a set of multiple toys. A toy cash register comes with 30 pieces of play money.  A baby doll comes with three outfits. There isn’t enough time in the day to re-gather these toy sets and then place them tidely back together. It’s a lot easier to throw those little items in a canvas bucket and then go on with your day.
  3. The canvas bags can be brought to the floor. Seriously, my girls are thrilled when I lower new toys to the floor.
  4. The toy cart is on wheels. So if we feel like claiming this room for guests or a dinner party, we roll the cart down the hall and out of the way. Magic!
  5. Big hooks. Each side of the cart have long sturdy hooks that are there for all the things you never knew you should hang. No, seriously, I didn’t realize we had 10+ hangable toys until I got these magic hooks.