I’ve absolutely loved the past two mornings here in San Diego. I’ve slept in with the cool ocean air breezing through our window.

Jeff and I had fun driving the Airstream out here. From Yuma to Carlsbad, I was the driver and he was the DJ. I was thrilled to hear Milli Vanilli and Coldplay. I can’t explain it…but “Girl You Know It’s True” gets me pumped. Maybe b/c it was one of the first songs to make me want to dance in elementary school. I got nostalgic and started to think forward to my upcoming 15 year class reunion. I don’t know if anyone in my grade, school, or state who loved Milli Vanilli as much as I did.

We just finished CYMC 2012 in Scottsdale. Our biggest convention in 27 years. There’s so much that I could write about, but I’m on vacation and all this brings me back into the office where it feels worky worky. But I am still proud of what we’ve accomplished, so I’ll make a quick list of what making me happy:

  1. EdgeYouthMinistry.com – It’s a cool little website we launched at CYMC. I wrote the copy and designed the wireframes. Gabe illustrated, Ryan colored and coded. A quick, fun project with great guys.
  2. College Life – A creative solution to the problem of Life Teen kids graduating high school and then wandering away from their faith. It’s good to have Paul George back on our team. He’s a brilliant soul.
  3. Twitter – We had some good #cymc buzz on Twitter before, during, and after the Convention.
  4. Community – There are many high-caliber people who’ve gotten involved in Life Teen over the past 5 years. These people are the hubs of community in their towns and online.
  5. Phoenix – We had a huge turnout of local youth ministers. XLT PHX this fall is going to be well attended.  I’m stoked about a new schedule this fall.

It’s good to be here in San Diego. Everytime I get here, I wonder why I don’t live here.