This is going to be a long, long flight. I’ve been in seats that don’t recline, but this one is particularly upright. It feels like I am trying to lean against a wall. Maybe worse. Could it be that this seat actually leans forward?

I spent the past few days near Mobile, Alabama, at a retreat/planning/visioning meeting with the leaders of Life Teen. It was cool because everyone’s spouses were invited, and many of them came. Unfortunately, Candyce wasn’t able to come b/c our baby sitters changed plans and, thus, Candyce stayed home with the girls.


I just took a 2-hour break from writing this blog to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie on the Delta screen in front of me. I know that book snobs live to make fun of Nicholas Sparks b/c his stories are sentimental and predictable, but I am not a book snob. I am a father of three girls under four, and every minute of entertainment on our screens at home is soft, cuddly, and sweet. So any movie that I can watch with action and/or adventure is treat.

In this movie, I got enjoy all kinds of reckless manliness: wartime heroism, sleeping by a fire under a big ass tree, training dogs, restoring old homes, vintage Ford F100 pickups, a new Dodge Challenger, standing up to cops, fixing old boats, saving a cute child from a flooding river, spontaneously charming a woman by playing a piano, being misunderstood, grabbing a gun from the hand of a drunk cop, etc.

I think I’m going to get a tattoo.


Last week we bought four new mattresses for the Smith household. I know that Eden is only a few months old and won’t need a mattress for a few years, but it feels dorky to go shopping for mattresses frequently. So I just bought them all at once. It was an expensive trip to the store, but I am hopeful that the quality of life for everyone in our family will get better.

Based on what Brian at the mattress store told me, our new Tempurepedic mattress will need to be replaced in ten years. So that’s the year 2022. Far off dates like that didn’t mean much to me when I was single because so much was uncertain. In less than two years, I could’ve moved, changed jobs, and fallen in love and then broken up. Now that I am married and have children, these dates actually mean something. When it’s time for me to get a new mattress, Norah will be about 14, Stella will be 12, and Eden will be 10. And those girls will probably have little brothers and sisters too. Me? I’ll be 43. That’s CRAZY.

This is another way that fatherhood has added richness to my life. Time becomes precious because every moment of life is a moment shared with my daughters. Candyce and I talk about this all the time. It doesn’t matter what else happens in our adult worlds that day—none of that should distract us from the simple joy of spending time with Norah, Stella, and Eden.


I really dig my iPad b/c it’s made it easy for me to draw again. I love the app called Paper from the company fiftythree. I’ll have to post some of my drawings in this blog. Actually, I’m going to close down this laptop and start doodling on the iPad.