I am going to try something new. I will write this blog under five subheadings and see what happens.

1. Family

So our story is much like everyone elses. You have babies in the house, and all of a sudden—just like that—they’re not babies anymore. Norah is a little girl, Stella is a toddler, and Eden is crawling all over the place. Yes, they are not old enough to go to school yet, but Candyce and I have been a little sad about how fast this whole thing has happened.

I’ve been dreaming about moving outside of the city to a more relaxed place where there is fewer stimuli. I’ve been thinking of little ski towns in the mountains, or maybe a sleepy coastal town in California. I posted it to Facebook, and some friends from high school invited me back to Hiawassee.

It’s just such an unexpected thing for me to be thinking like this. My primary goal since high school was to escape the boredom of small town living and drown myself in the excitement of city living. Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, and now Phoenix. But now I have my precious children, they are all the excitement I need. They satisfy so much of that unrest from my 20s.

Candyce has been feeling this way too. It’s not in our cards right now to move to a slower town, so we have to find ways to slow down our lives. So we made too steps as we entered 2013: say “no” to fun social time with friends in favor of boring time at home, and cut off DirecTV. I do miss HGTV and the Food Network. But I don’t miss sports b/c all of my favorite teams are horrible right now.

2. Home

I didn’t update my blog much near the end of last year because I was working on remodeling our family room. I tore down the off-centered fireplace and rebuilt it smaller and more centered. Then I finished the wainscoting and repaired the drywall. I pulled out the 1980s mirror behind the wet bar and built-in some shelves. So I got about 90% done then we escaped to California for a couple weeks over Christmas and New Year. I pressed pause on the project because of cold and wet weather over the last six weeks. I hope to finish off these last details soon.

3. Spiritual Life

This Lent is very different for me. I got surgery to remove a cancerous area from my skin. So as I type this, my shoulder is uncomfortable with soreness form surgery and discomfort because of limited motion b/c of stitches. I am happy to be where I am today because this is the best case scenario. I am defiantly praying hard.

4. Work

I’ve really enjoyed getting out of the office this year. Since accepting the position of VP Operations Etc., I now oversee all of our facilities including summer camps and offices. So in January and February this year, I’ve visited Covecrest, our camp in Georgia, and Tepeyac, our camp in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Both camps have had snow when I’ve visited, which is a treat for me b/c I’ve always adored the snow. All in all, things are very busy at Life Teen. The first quarter of every year is so critical for the success of the year. I am very proud of how well organized and forward thinking our staff is today. I try not to get overwhelmed by all the hyperactivity.

5. Life Lessons

I came across a quote recently that really struck me: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” This pretty much sums up the tension that I deal with every day. I want to do so much but I cannot do it all. So I have to focus on what matters most and then do that. Right now I can’t see anything more important than my family. My little girls are growing up so fast. Every day our relationships grow because they’re maturing. So everyday I have a new opportunity to get to know these little souls. It’s the quiet adventure within my life. It’s not something that can be blogged about every day. It’s not something that will make me more money or win esteem from my peers. But it means everything to me. Other things will have to wait.