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8 Weeks of Intensity

I feel like I owe my friends and family an update on my life. Basically, the last eight weeks have been a whirlwind of challenges. I have three groups in my life who expect a lot from me: 1) Candyce and Norah 2) My team at work and 3) Professors and my team in class. There is no such thing as a lazy twenty minutes in my day. I need every waking moment to be purposeful or this whole thing unravels.

You like the idea of a challenge because it tugs on your ego’s desire to accomplish something you didn’t know you could. That’s why it is easy to get drawn into tales of others overcoming challenges. But make no mistake, when you are in the middle of a challenge, it sucks. I do keep an attitude of gratitude, but the reality is there is no romance in being pulled in three directions all day. I don’t feel like a hero or a champion. I feel tired.

Get Well Soon, Tales of Arm Wrestling in Public

I am in a rare moment of rest at the end of a busy and complicated summer. I’ll write more about why it was “complicated” when the time is right, but I can speak on the busyness…

We traveled to Atlanta + Tiger, San Diego, Tucson, and Prescott (and hopefully back to San Diego later this week.) Somewhere in there I went to Ohio for a weekend. I am infinitely thankful that Candyce and I planned out the summer back in early May, otherwise this summer would’ve felt like our lives were spinning out of control. Our planning paid off because our summer was fun and rewarding, even when you throw in the fact that Candyce and Norah have been sick…

…after several days of worsening head and sinus pain, I took Candyce to urgent care last Thursday. The doctor told us she had sinusitis. The prayers and antibiotics have combined to help her get better each day for the past five days. Norah had two bad weeks of teething that coincided with Candyce’s sickness. That meant both of my girls were in pain and sleep deprived, which ultimately meant they had no patience for one another.

I had to stop all of my projects and just try to hold our household together. I had to cook, clean, care, and coordinate. (I don’t think that it’s cute that each of those words started with a C. It just came out that way.) Thankfully they’re both feeling better now, and most of our weekend was spent trying to get our lives back in order.

Last night at Pei Wei Candyce’s aunt Stephanie declared that she could beat Candyce’s dad in an arm wrestling match. It seemed unfair to let a challenge like this go without resolution, so I used my force of personality to get two adults to clear plates off the table to make room for the main event. Big John Stud pinned her to the table in a matter of seconds. Next match up? Big John Stud v. Johnny Jr.–tied. At this point I realized John was tired and therefore easier to conquer. I figured I’d impress Candyce and challenged the Grizzly to go knuckle to knuckle. John pinned me with both his left and right arms. He’s just that strong. We spent the 10 minute ride home challenging John to increase his fame by arm wrestling random people we know. It was an oddly satisfying end to the Sabbath.

Congrats to Matt, King of San Diego

We got back earlier this week from a nice long trip to Georgia. I’ll dig through my photos later and find some good ones to share. In the meantime, check out this photo of my brother-in-law Matt. My buddy Jeff snapped this photo after Matt dominated a surf competition in San Diego.

Matt, the King of San Diego

Matt, the King of San Diego

While other eighth graders are squandering their last summer before high school with mindless video games, Matt is in the ocean surfing like there’s no tomorrow. Matt’s the man!