Family Life

Back from Houston, Photos from Hiking Picacho Peak

On Sunday I made a quick but beautiful 12-hour round trip to Houston. I believe that I spent more time in the air than I did on the ground. I really need to get some books to read on these long flights. Magazines and newspapers don’t have enough substance. I can burn through an issue of This Old House Magazine in less than an hour. Then what do you do? Look at SkyMall? It’s time to mend my relationship with the local library with a big fat $20 bill to payoff my late fees.

Friday evening we traveled down to Picacho Peak in near Tucson to spend some time with Candyce’s grandparents. Our crowning achievement was climbing to the top of the mountain on Saturday morning. The wildflowers were in fool bloom. We loved it. Take a look at the photos below.

“The Human Experience” Movie, Photos of Norah at Six Months

Last week a group of us attended a pre-screening of “The Human Experience” from Grassroots Films. Although I’ve already seen the film, it was exciting to see it again.

Candyce, Norah, and Matt Smith

Candyce, Norah, and Matt Smith

On Saturday the Smith family ran the Faith and Family 5k at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. It was a sunny and cool spring morning, perfect for a run. Hot air balloons lowered into the park while we were running. Norah was so overwhelmed by the action she saw from her little running stroller. Eventually she just fell asleep.

I can’t believe Norah is already six months old. Here are some photos from random places from the weekend.

University of Memphis, a Wedding in San Diego

I started off last week with a quick trip to speak at the University of Memphis. After a few packed days back in Phoenix, we were off to San Diego for Suzanna Kennedy’s wedding. Right now I’m back in Phoenix, typing from my kitchen while Candyce and Norah are asleep upstairs. The early morning sun is stretching across the kitchen over the counter tops and floors. This is the first quiet moment I’ve had in the past two weeks.

Here are some photos from over the weekend. Don’t miss the commentary beneath the photos after the click.

Photos of Norah’s First Christmas in Carlsbad, California

We enjoyed a long break celebrating Christmas in Carlsbad, California. Although it would’ve been special to spend our first Christmas with Norah at our home in Tempe, we knew it would be more fun to make the road trip out to Carlsbad to hang out with Candyce’s family. After working so hard in 2008, it was nice to relax with family for a couple weeks.

Here are some snapshots from the time we had together. Don’t miss the commentary beneath each photo.