Residential Life

New Modern in Arcadia

Several years ago I spotted a “for sale by owner” sign in front of a cool modern home in Arcadia probably built in the early 1960s. The real estate market was white hot at the time, and I knew the home might get torn down to make room for a palace. This bothered me because the mid-century modern homes are the most visible and livable old homes in Phoenix. I called the homeowner and discovered that the house was in fact built by a well known Arizona architect (Beadle?) many years ago.  I also found out that the home was out of my price range, so if the home would be restored it would have to be done by someone with more money. Within a couple of months the home was sold and a construction fence soon went up.

The photos you are looking at below are of that old home became. It has some styling inspired by the mid-century modern homes, but doesn’t stay confined by the original home’s lines. It’s better looking and more livable than ever. (And now it’s definitely out of my price range.) I’m sharing the photos here on my blog mostly because I like looking at ’em.

Architectural Details in Verrado, Arizona

Verrado is a beautiful master planned community West of Phoenix that really captures the essence of a small community. It’s basically a little town of perfect neighborhoods all connected with leafy streets and beautifully manicured public parks. When you stroll on the sidewalks and admire the timeless beauty of the homes, it’s hard to believe this whole place is only seven years old.

It’s become a tradition for our friends and family to make the 45 minute drive across town to enjoy an afternoon in Verrado.  (To my knowledge, we are the only group people I know who makes this trip. My guess is that more people would do it if they knew about this place.) Our most recent trip a few weeks ago happened to be Founder’s Day, a annual celebration where residents flood the streets and gather at the central park for a locals-only talent show and a free concert. Last year it was the Beach Boys, this year it was the Big Bad Voo Doo Daddies–the swing band that did well in the 1990s.

So in one day we toured model homes, ate at at a wine bar, and picnicked in the park while watching a concert. It was quite a day! I snapped some photos along the way of my favorite architectural details within the neighborhoods. Click on the thumbnails below for bigger photos with captions…

Photos of an Epic Takedown of a Dead Pine Tree

I celebrated my birthday by first hiring some dudes to take down a dead pine tree in my backyard. The tree died about a year-and-a-half ago, and ever since it’s looked more and more threatening. Like it was just aching to fall on my house every time the wind whipped through my neighborhood. I thought about cutting it down myself, but after watching the pros in action for six hours, I knew I would’ve been seriously unequipped for the job.